Children Wii Game titles – The ideal For 2008 & 2009


Games are among the top-selling items for battle for the galaxy this year, and are sure to be a hit during the Christmas season 2008 and well into 2009. However, it’s important to know before you buy – not only what are the most popular youngsters wii video games, but which ones are appropriate for children of various ages? Here is a list of Kids Wii Games that are not only sure to be a hit, but are also appropriate for little ears and eyes: 1. Nintendo Mario Kart for Wii – This is the most recent “Mario” game to be released, and already young ones everywhere love it. It comes with the Wii Wheel, which when coupled with the Wii Remote makes a real steering wheel that is motion sensitive and easy to play games with. It also makes for more realistic driving and is a must for this game. With Nintendo Mario Kart for Wii, Players actively help out Mario and his friends race on the various racetracks that come with the game, as well as compete in an arena setting. Great fun for youngsters, and it’s appropriate for little ones of all ages. 2. Lego Star Wars for Wii – The Complete Saga – This game is rated “E-10”, for young children 10 and older. It’s a Star Wars game that allows players to play through every single Star Wars Episode (movie) – but it’s played with Lego characters. That element doesn’t detract from the from the excitement of it, but it most definitely adds a level of amusement. (There aren’t many things that are funnier to see than a group of Lego/Star Wars characters battling each other out – good vs. evil!) This game is great for kids, but as mentioned above is specifically for little ones 10 and older due to some mild violence in the game. 3. Super Mario Galaxy on Wii – Mario hits the galaxy and shoots from planet to planet in order to gather the precious stars that will save the lovely Princess Peach from Bowser – the familiar “evil” character in the Mario series of game titles. This particular Wii game has been one of the most popular for over a year, and continues to be loved by kids everywhere. It is appropriate for youngsters of all ages. 4. Nintendo Wii Play With Remote – This Wii game is just as popular with adults as it is with young ones, but has gained it’s ranking as one of the most popular video games for children in 2008 & 2009. The series of games with the Nintendo Wii Play with Remote is more along the lines of traditional (“old time”) video online games, with with a modern twist of excellent graphics and a few new more modern games tossed in for fun. Even though the game titles are more traditional, they are certainly not lacking in fun, and will keep entire families entertained and playing with each other for hours at a time. 5. Active Life Outdoor Challenge for Wii – This is one of the newer video games for Wii, and is designed specifically to get people off the couch and actively participating physically in the game titles. Active Life Outdoor Challenge is normally packed with it’s own mat, which is used to stand, sit, jump, etc. on while braving the rapids in a kayak, jumping logs and more very active outdoor activities – all from the living room in your home. Appropriate for children of all ages.

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