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Cockatiels Cage – How you can Pick And Equip Your Cockatiels Cage

It can become a little bit overpowering when you wander right into a pet store and see the wide range of cages obtainable. It can be hard to know just which can be the top cage for cockatiels. Cockatiels do have to have just a little different cage setup than another birds. Listed below are several recommendations for choosing and equipping a cage for the .


Your cockatiel’s cage really should be large enough so he can prolong his wings thoroughly out without the need of touching any side from the cage. This is certainly so he would not crack wing feathers in far too modest of a cage and also for his comfort. You do not need you pet to generally be way too cramped, particularly when he life in his cage the bulk of the working day.

The bars from the cage must be the greater commonly place wide range (never make use of a parakeet cage). This can be so he can climb up and down very easily within the bars to receive down off perches and back again up.

You should have a quite a few perches of different diameters inside your cage. This is often so your cockatiel’s feet is not going to get fatigued whilst perching.
You’ll want to keep your water and foods dishes from less than the perches exactly where your cockatiel perches the most. You do not would like to get feces and feathers in his food stuff and water.

Cockatiels love to wash. You could maintain a container of h2o for him to wash each working day. You are able to buy the sort that hooks into the doorway for simplicity of removing and cleansing.

Be sure to have an abundance of toys for your cockatiel to engage in with and preserve him occupied. Cockatiels detest for being bored and since of their curious natures, appreciate being saved stimulated and chaotic. A bored cockatiel can become an obnoxious cockatiel!

They are the leading highlights of equipping your cockatiel cage. The leading matter is that you desire your cockatiel to generally be snug and content in his new house.